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By David James

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Welcome to the sounds of David James, Bluesmobile Music.


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David James writes, produces and plays all his own original music. The styles of music he employs include. blues music, blues rock music, rock and roll music, hard rock music, progressive rock music, instrumental music, and acoustic guitar music. David James plays drums, percussion, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, dobro, violin bow guitar, pedal steel guitar,and harmonica.  In addition, David James has added to his arsenal mandolin, bouzouki, keyboards, flute, banjo, tabla , theremin and plays all at a professional level.  David James is also a talented vocalist and can sing in many musical styles.  He provides all the vocals on all the MP3s and CDs made available on this site.  David James is involved in all facets of the making of these products from writing and performing the music, designing the CD covers, producing the records and engineering.

It took David James years to learn to play all these instruments on a professional level.  He says "The key is that I learned how to practice and once you get that down, you can eventually learn to do almost anything well."  He contributes his success to "discipline."  "Practice makes perfect," says David James.  Of course talent has a bit to do with it!  David James is a natural drummer and feels that it is the key to all instruments. He strongly believes every musician should be involved in drumming and percussion.  "It gives you good timing and helps you along the way . . . instruments are all relatives, and things that apply to one usually apply to others," says David. 

David says "When I make my albums, I try to convey my ideas in a truthful fashion. I really make my dreams come true in each new album that I do. I make albums that all sorts of people would enjoy, especially musicians"."There is no evil intent, it's just music. Music for me, music for you, music to help us all get through".

David says "You've heard it said: they don't make music like that anymore, well I do, and I'm happy to be the one doing it. I hope you will come back again and visit my site!!!"

David enjoys playing different music styles.  He specializes in blues music,  blues rock music, rock and roll music, hard rock music, progressive rock music, and acoustic music.  He enjoys playing alone or with others. "In this life, there‚Äôs so much to learn, and to do what I do, you have to love learning."  He hopes to add more instruments in the future and if he can, he will!  This is why David James is making his music available to purchase MP3s for 99 cents each, full album Mp3 for 7.99, or you can purchase most of his CDs for only $12.99 with FREE SHIPPING! 




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"I would like to Thank God for giving me the ability to create my music and for waking me from my deep slumber."




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Portions of content provided by David James Bluesmobile Music 2012. All tracks composed by David James, recorded at Bluesmobile Studios.  Produced by David James, engineered by David James, cover designs are by David James.

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