Cerebral Motion Matters





There are 168 hours in a week. If you sleep 8 hours a night, 8x7=56. If you work 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, 5x9=45. That gives us a total of 101 hours used. You are now left with 67 hours of free time....are you sure you don't have time?



I think, therefore I am.....I thought, therefore I was....I'll think, therefore I'll be.



People don't listen when you talk to them because they're busy thinking of what they're about to say. ;0)



Liberty and freedom shine their light for all to see in the open. They don't hide behind negative signs and baal blinds.



I hope the next chapter of american history will tell us that brave americans stopped the 4th reich in it's tracks, took back their country, and re-established the greatest country on earth...The United States of America!!!



Ron Paul is the only real choice that a real american can make for president!!!



Does anybody have a conscience anymore? People who are involved in deceptive practices...how do you sleep at night?

Do you just do a "cremation of care" ceremony, believe that you are superior to the common man, delude yourself with long-winded lies on a continual basis and everthing's okay? I think not. I see it in your faces. You're looking weaker and weaker, in short periods of time. I can discern it in your dark spirit......your power is dwindling like a flower in it's death... "The Great Plan" is weighing heavily upon your spirit like a ship with a huge hole in it. The water will take you in the same way, and wash the earth of your hard, deep, ignominy. You don't want us to look into your eyes because you'd have to face truth...and "We The People" all know YOU can't beat the truth...no matter how hard you try. May you, and all of us for that matter, repent and get back to the basics like "The Golden Rule"....."Resist the devil and he shall flee from you".


We The People shall resist you, and God, not your god baal, shall deliver us from this vast wickedness. King for a day is a great lie, and it will never be worth it............EVER.



Our country has been infested with cancers and leeches. We as a body of people need to rid ourselves of these, if we are to regain our national health and wealth.  This is not the first time this country has been taken over by banks and corporations.

Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, had to remove this country's money from the bank of the united states. By doing this, he freed our country from the world bankers of the day. Four years later, the second bank of the united states closed. 

We need to remove the federal reserve bank and it's greatly feared associates. This country has the right to make it's own currency. Ambassador ben franklin was asked by the bankers of england why people were getting so wealthy in america, and he told them it was because america made it's own currency and owed interest to no-one. Then  england enacted the currency act of 1764, stating that the colonies could not issue currency in any paper form. This sent america into a depression. The parallels are incredible. The great hand of control is always full of damage and destruction.

"May all tyrants be brought to nought!!!" David James



Truth is like a well tuned piano...you just know it when you hear it.

Truth is like a well made bell...when you hear it, it rings true. ;0)

Truth is better than lies and it's time to tell the truth about liars.

God's truth gives me hope...yet it can be hard as steel.

May the united states eagle, pick out the eyes of the deceivers.

The self-exalted ones have exulted one time too many...their sorrows shall be multiplied in magnitude.

May the puppets of the world wake up and stop being used.

If Ron Paul becomes president, I will love watching the criminals submit to an honest man.

Twill be humorous to watch them squirm in political/moral agony.

May the United States be freed of this vermin and returned to one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.



There are those of you in the government, the military, law enforcement and high corporate positions that are true to the united states. It's time to turn on the new world order and stand up for this country. "We the people" will be behind you. You can do much to decimate the traction of the great plan. You can do things anonymously. Drop a note, leave a hint...cause things to happen that will be beneficial to retaking our liberty. In a war, just like the game of chess, the pawns are the first to die. Next are the people on the second and third tiers,...that's you. Yes, they care no more about you than they do us. You are just another tool they use to get the job done and when it's done, you're expendable as well. Try to understand the bigger picture.

They are stripping this country of every good thing. They have destroyed our jobs, our industry, our morals, our dignity, our

currency (which is illegal according to the constitution). They've taxed our wages, which is also illegal. They've turned

our  legal system into a mockery of justice. They've dumbed us down through inferior schooling, a bought and sold media,

and of course the king of mind control...the television. The love of money will be the destruction of this country.

Anyway, we are engaging the enemy in an infowaristic manner, and we need your help to prevent the dawning of the fourth reich. They are infusing capitalism, fascism and communism together to try to enslave us. Unless you help us, we all will go down with the ship. In your hearts, you know what 's right. Some of us will die for the freedom of this nation...once again. If nobody's willing to to go forth, then we default our nation, freedom and liberty. In the beginnings of this country, many had to die to bring her to birth. We may have to die again to free her. Using gradualism, these wise fools have put us to sleep, robbed us, stolen our liberty, caused the sins of this nation to be piled high above the heavens, and many other such atrocities. They have no conscience or care for us. The feel we are their subjects and they are self appointed royalty. America is the land I love and I for one, want all of these treasonous leeches brought to judgement. Be strong and save this country...and by doing so, you will know you've done the right thing, for you, your family, your friends, all of us who love freedom and america's future denizens. We will be forever thankful.



President Andrew Jackson was and is the only president to pay off the national debt.



God saves us from ourselves.



When truth is about, the liars will scatter. ;0)



To return...To remove...To retract...To explain...To retrain...To remain.

The cycles of life...have turned once again...to the same old end.

We started it right, but the sodom and gomorrah phase has returned...and what have we learned?



As you connect the dots, the spider's web appears.  ;0)



The deeper you go, the deeper it gets...Ad Infinitum.



Satan is known to counterfeit or imitate the things of God.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost...The imitation...The Beast, The False Prophet, and The AntiChrist.

There are real Christians....The imitation...The fake christians.

The Semetic Jews....The imitation...Those that say they are Jews, and are not, but  are of the synagogue of Satan.

If anyone tries to claim you are anti-semetic, ask them if they are a semetic Jew, or a Jew from the synagogue of Satan.



Those that are part of the Luciferian conspiracy and the plot to destroy the U.S. are full of fear that we will find them out.

The thing is, we've found them out already. They should rather fear the wrath of The Lamb Of God, for he shall judge them

and tear them asunder. I wonder what the Seven Thunders Said.



"You can't enforce a law that goes against the will of the majority. For those who try, there's a name. They're called

tyrants." The man called Paladin.



"These five tools will help you to protect yourself from the deception of the controlled media. To summarize they are:

1. Learning to unwarp whatever we learn to get back to what is the kernel of truth in a statement.

2. Learning difference between general and specific truths.

3. Learning how probability and statistics can be used and misused.

4. Learning how truth is a balance of opposites.

5. Learning that there are different levels to understanding anything."

From  fritz's Newsletter (I Think It's Interesting)



Did you ever notice how happy the less intelligent are? Maybe the more you know...the more unhappy you tend to become.

Of course that's not always the case...but it is, more often than not. The rich elites are the most miserable people in the world. You only see them happy when they're making someone else miserable.



I knew I was right about this, though nobody ever told me. I have confirmed and re-confirmed it. When the mason's talked about freedom and liberty, they mean freedom and liberty from God and his laws. Freedom to "Do as thou wilt", "Do your own thing" ETC.

That was Crowley's law. You see, freedom and liberty are God given attributes, but when perverted, they become something very different. With the use of laws and the trickery of words, the Devil has now protected the rights of all evildoers. Use your eyes and ears. Look and listen. You will see that what I am saying is true. In the last 100 years or so, laws in this country have been passed continuously, though 85% of the american people oppose them. Is that real democracy? Are the people really represented in the government? Decide for yourself. Christians don't agree with homosexuality and neither does God himself, but they are trying to pass hate-crime laws against people who oppose homosexuality and a host of other evils. Freedom and Liberty for whom? Freedom and Liberty from, or for these abominations? That's the real key. We as people never seem to learn. Who will you cry out to on your dying day. I've never heard anyone say, oh help me Lucifer...Have you? Nay, Nay, they always cry out to God because they know deep in their hearts, he is the only one that can truly save them. Hopefully you won't wait until your dying day to cry out to him, for it may be too late by then.



The Illuminati=The Zionists=The Neocons=FreeMasonry=The International Bankers=The Green Movement=The Satanic Families=The BilderBerger Group=New Age and Gnostic Religions=The Communists=The Nazis=The Socialists=The Trilateral Commision=The Council On Foreign Nations=The Vatican=Secret Societies=Lucis Trust=Royal Institute Of International Affairs=The Medical System=Intelligence Agencies=Nasa=Project L.U.C.I.D. Ad Infinitum



Ted Kennedy has just been "Knighted" by the queen of england. That should tell you something ;0) Shhh, don't tell anybody but,Teddy boy is a rosicrucian. See ArticleHere  Oh look, he was given this medal...check out the name ETC. The Order of the Aztec Eagle (Spanish: Orden del Įguila Azteca) is the highest decoration awarded to foreigners in Mexico. By the way, the eagle represents the sun or sungod. The order of the aztec sun (sungod).


                                                                                                                                            CLOSE UP



I don't believe the economy is this bad. I believe they are creating this whirlwind in order to bring "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS". In this case, it's a financial chaos, and what they want the people to cry out for is a new finacial order...DIG?. The more you watch it, the more you know it's fake. This is a financial 911...done deliberately. The new world order is becoming desperate. They can feel the constriction as more of us become awake.

"The more people that know about the secret, the more the deceiver's strength diminishes." David James



Have you ever thought that the companies going out of business are supposed to go out of business. It's a judgement...because of their actions as a company. They are supposed to reap what they have sown. By keeping them going, we are saying that we reward your company for the deeds you have commited, and we are in agreement with you and your ethics. Rewarding evil deeds is an unwise practice. You as big brother are traing your children to do evil and that same evil that you reward, shall be your undoing.



My prayer is that every trap the illuminati/government/new world order ETC. sets for us, will backfire in their faces. Every time they try to hurt the people, the more it will hurt them instead. For instance, they are trying to kill the dollar so they can bring in the amero. So I pray that the dollar will continue to strengthen against all currencies and it has been, despite these socialist morons. Remember Hitler's party, it was called the National Socialist German Workers' Party...aka the Nazi Party.



What I've come to realize is this: The reasons they are deliberately leaving the borders open...are many. One main reason is that they are trying out a global governmental standard to see what our reaction to it will be. They want to see if they can get away with it. If the people don't stand up against it, they will move on to more and more countries and implement the same plan. Another reason is that, many of these illegals are catholic, and the pope is certainly all for that. The more catholics in america, the more power the papcy has. Yet another reason is conjecture, but it sure seems like it's true. They are replacing the people of the united states with a more controllable set of people, a lower slave-like class, that's used to being treated like slaves. As we can see, they are boldly showing us that, if you are one of them, you're above the law. In actions, they make no pretense that they are going to be ethical, only in words and words seem to mean the opposite to them. When they speak of war, they mean peace. When they speak of peace, they mean war. When they speak of transparacy, they mean they are going to do it underground. This is orwellian double think and double speak. I feel sorry for the USA. Why are they trying to destroy her? Why would you want to wreck the best country that ever exsisted?  They have been trained from childhood for this in some cases, and others have been recruited into it by blackmail ETC. They have been recruiting the best minds from all the colleges for centuries. They indoctrinate all students in the college system into socialism, communism, facism, environmental crazies' ideas, humanism, new age thought, and more. They will teach and shape their minds the way they want, because they're are recreating man, molding him into the shape that they feel will suit the new world order best. The New World Manis not concerned with yesterday according to Rush's song, and that's right, they put these ideas in our heads from many sources, so that we will get used to the idea and accept it more readily when the time comes. You see, people are getting used to the ideas of global government, because it's fed to you all day long...ever hear the term think globally? Utter brainwash, and it works. If only these people that are doing this would realize that, after they betray us, they will be the next to be betrayed. I guarantee it. These people think they are part of the ending equation. They are just stepping-stones to be used for a time, for a purpose, and when they are of no further use, they will be eradicated. WAKE UP!!!



This quote is remarkably true and it's a great shame "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic": Dresden James 

Here's a quote from the informer that is incredible "Today you have the same, only worse, as Paulson, is NOT, I repeat NOT the Secretary of any US Treasury as it was abolished in 1921. He is the Governor of the IMF running what they call a DEPARTMENT of TREASURY when it has not a blessed thing to do with the United States and State's banks" You need proof? Read this article.



I just thought you might like to know...Notice that lies can't measure up to the truth  : "Lies spoken with authority and confidence can never measure up to the sureness and dignity of  the truth" : David James



"You realize that lucifer is just a God want to be. He is a control freak, yet his one commandment is"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". The contridictions continue with his need to control us, be omnipresent, be all knowing, be seated in the hearts of men, control the weather and have power over life and death. He wishes he could be God, but he can't... and never will be. He convinced a third of the angels in heaven to rebel against God  and was thrown out of heaven. He was cast to the ground and he fell like lightning from the sky.  

He already lost the war in heaven and now the elite psychopaths believe that he will win this time... on earth. Lucy was defeated by Michael and the other angels. He was, and is , and ever shall be defeated by Christ's death on the cross at calvary. Ironically, it was the elites of his day that killed him, for they feared him and they were afraid that he would take away their control of the people. They also had a deep fear and hatred for the truth as they do today.  In a way, I pity their wretched souls...it's one thing to be a sinner against one's self, but it's an abomination to do the things to mankind that they have done and are doing to this day. They are deceived and have been seduced by doctrine's of devils. Lucifer's greatest tools are money, lies, gradualism, media manipulation, feelings, so called freedom, FEAR and the fools that follow him and take his words seriously. The elite are truly cowards who hide behind their mansion walls and their blood stained, ill gotten gain....just like their father...lucy in the sky with diamonds. Dig it?" : Monsieur David James



The mainstream media is bought and sold. Many of them are millionaires and members of the internationalist organization, The Council On Foreign Relations. This organization's goal is world governance by the elite of the world.

They run the District of Columbia already, and through the pit bull called the United States, they are implementing their one world agenda, and have been doing so for many decades. Since the media are members, they will not go against the agenda of their real controllers. The mainstream media is run by three main organizations and it's filtered down to all the others through these. What they say is news, is news, and what they don't want you to know, they won't tell you.

Here's a quote from the horses mouth:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty if an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries"-- David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991.

They will give very little truth, but not the real truths that you and I should know.
For instance, did you know that there are gangs in Israel harvesting the organs of the Palestinians. They are making a profit by stealing the organs and selling them on the black market. One of their gangs were caught doing it here in New Jersey.

How about holocausts? You've heard of the six million in Germany, but have you heard of the 66 million, and some say 150 million killed in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia? How about the 1.5 million Christians killed by the Young Turks? How about the fifty million babies aborted in America, how about that holocaust?

The point is, if the mainstream media was allowed to perform in it's proper capacity, it would expose the corruption and lies now being perpetrated upon the whole world. These politicians, internationalists, so called philanthropic organizations and traitors, would be held accountable for their actions. They would not be allowed to get away with the horrible atrocities they are getting away with today. We would have a better run government, state government, city government and world as well.

I, for one can no longer give ratings to the mainstream media, and it is my personal prayer that, if they will not tell the truth, I pray that people will no longer buy their papers, watch their programs, or pay them any attention what-so-ever. The news would be something everyone would watch, if they'd start doing their job, the way it's supposed to be done, with honesty, integrity, without fear of repercussions from the traitors that live among us, and with a real respect and love for the truth.

After these links I've just given, this is the last time I refer to Fox News or CNN, the Communist News Network. You could learn more truth from Spongebob Squarepants than you could from either of them. Hahahahahahaha. 

Monsieur James


There have been quite a few plane crashes around the world lately, and there's always debris left at the scene of the accident. In America, on 911, there
was no debris at the Pennsylvania site, and virtually none at the pentagon. I guess planes only disintegrate in America...UH....Ya, that's it.